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Samples of Job Interview Questions
If you are a recruiter who is currently confused on which suitable interview questions to ask that will instantly reveal the necessary facts about prospective employees, this article is right for you. In the succeeding paragraphs, you will discover the best questions to ask to guarantee a successful job interview. Introduce yourself. – This is actually more of a statement than a question.

However, this is already considered as a question since this is one of the most effective ways by which the recruiter will know more about the would-be employee. This is also a very ideal way on how to facilitate a good flow of interview.

How were you able to find out about your last employment? – This job interview question is meant to provide you with information about the manner or method the applicant used in applying for his or her last job. If through job advertisements, it will expose the potential employee’s intellectual ability. On the other hand, if through networking, it will expose his or her added value to the new job.

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What did you like most about you last employment before you started working? – This job interview question aims to show you what attracted the potential employee to his or her last job. His or her answer will give you clues on why he or she decided to apply in your company.

What is your reason for leaving your last job? – This job interview question is designed to help you find out the applicant’s motive for leaving his or her previous employer.

Based on the applicant’s answer, you will know as to whether the applicant’s motive was borne out of pecuniary or disagreement with the employer. An applicant must be very careful in answering this type of question.

The ideal answer for this is to further his or her career and to obtain a position that will help him or her achieve his or her aim. Any answer other than this might be very detrimental to the applicant’s success in the job interview.

So, far what do you consider as your greatest strength? – This is another job interview that will reveal some facts about the potential employee and his or her best attributes.

Therefore, this is a great chance for the applicant to sell himself or herself and to convince you that he or she is the best applicant for the position your company offers. Since you are the recruiter, it is up to you on how to judge the applicant based on his or her answers.

What is your greatest weakness? – This job interview question will test the reliability of the applicant as a prospective employee. However, he or she must not completely reveal his or her weak characteristics. Neither should he or she be dishonest by saying that he or she does not have any weakness.

If the applicant you interview was able to answer this question in the wisest and safest manner, then that only means that he can be a potential employee. Also, the applicant must always try to make all of his or her weaknesses work-related. If not, you will have the last say. It is up to you if you wish to ask supporting questions or turn him or her down immediately.

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Mention the pertinent experience/skills that will help you qualify for the position you are applying for. – As a recruiter, this will help you gauge the skill and competence of the applicant based on his or her answers. After asking this question, you must also be prepared to listen, especially if the applicant has lots of things to say. If his or her experiences and skills are related to the job vacancy, then he or she is the right person for the position.

Is there a certain type of worker you prefer not to work with? – This job interview question will help you discover how selective the applicant is with his or her officemates. The applicant must answer this question intelligently because it will tell you about his or her interpersonal relationship.

How excellent are you when it comes to working in a team? – This question will also give the applicant a chance to showcase all his or her positive attributes. Simply put, this will give him or her chance to impress you, as the recruiter. On the other hand, this will also give you a chance to examine every applicant even more through their answers and reasoning.

These are just some of the most important job interview questions which you can ask to applicants. With the help of these questions, you will immediately know which applicants are needed by your company for the position you offer. Apart from asking questions, you should also know how to listen because it is through listening by which you can make the right judgment.

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