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Examples of Performance Essay Review
Writing a comprehensive performance essay review is not that easy. You have to combine distinctive skills of a novelist and sharp analysis of an investigator. This downloadable tool shows you how to craft a good of performance essay review.

When you download, you will find one file in Word. The file displays two examples of performance essay review. The following description briefly shows a sample of performance review for job knowledge.

Job Knowledge
Evaluate the extent to which the employee understands the responsibilities of his or her position: is knowledgeable in the latest techniques, skills, and methods pertinent to his or her area of responsibility; and pursues further training or education to improve job know-know and professional capabilities.

Grade : 3. Explanation :
Since her six-month review, Sandra has become proficient in her understanding of what is required of her. She has taken some computer courses and shows interest in leaning to do her job more efficiently. However, she waits too often for instructions and has not yet learned to apply previous experience to new situations.

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