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Career Planning and Development
In career development, the employee is responsible for career planning, and the organization, more specifically the HR practitioner, is responsible for career management. These two separate but related processes combine to make up the organizational career development process. These presentation slides explore career development initiatives that need to be undertaken simultaneously to ensure optimal career management process.

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Career Management Presentation Slides Outline :

Career Development : Organizational Initiatives

A job posting system

Mentoring activities

Career resource centers

Managers as career counselors

Career development workshops

Human resource planning and forecasting

Performance appraisals

Career pathing programs.

Career Development : Individual Initiatives

Career Planning

Career Awareness

Career Resource Center Utilization

Interests, Values, and Competency Analysis

This excellent presentation is based on this excellent reference:

Jerry Gilley and Steven Eggland, Principles of Human Resource Development, Perseus Books Group.

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