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Performance Management Guidebook
This guidebook provides a comprehensive guideline on how to conduct an effective performance appraisal process. This guidebook also displays sample of performance appraisal forms for both manager and staff. You can download this excellent guidebook for free.

When you download, you will find three files. The first file describes about performance management guidebook. The second file is performance appraisal form for manager. The last file is performance appraisal form for staff.

The contents of Performance Management Guidebook are as follows:

1. Why Performance Appraisals?

2. Schedule for Performance Appraisals

3. Conducting the Performance Appraisal

4. Common Rating Errors

5. Using the Appraisal Form
- Elements of the Appraisal Form
- Completing the Appraisal

6. Writing Performance Targets/Goals
- Objectives of Writing Performance Targets and Goals
- Steps in Writing Performance Targets and Goals
- Checklist
- Examples of targets and goals

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